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So there I was, alone, shipwrecked, on some weird island. No signs of life at all, not even by any being. I was afraid. The yacht had just taken a horrible blow from some underwater coral and steered off course. Into some mine-infested waters meant to keep sharks away. Now, I was thinking at that moment, "Keep the sharks away from what?" But my question remained unanswered.
"Eaghubanktha! Eaghubanktha! Teondeor, jelvewn gji sderl hoidwqus dertwuigaba!" I was thinking to myself, what the hell was that? As I turn around, I notice a weird looking creature in a helicopter, but one that made no sound? I was puzzled. This thing was hovering there, blades whirling, but silent. But this creature stood on the doorway holding a megaphone looking thing and speaking into it the same words over and over again. Pretty soon, it grew tired of the empty reaction I gave it, so it grabbed a net like thing and threw it at me. I was taking it off when the net grappled my wrists and ankles and got tighter to the point that it was like wearing chainmail, only I was incapable of motion. Then that creature was by me in flash, held up a gun like object, and BAM......
"Uh, what the hell was that? Oh, my stomach, what type of firearm was that? Where am I?" I looked over to see someone just like me, "Hey! Guy in the lab coat! Where am...what happened to you?!" I say as he turns around only to unveil his left eye is robotic as well as his left arm.
"Nothing at my dear friend, why do you ask? Oh, you meant my face and arm. Well, some blasted girl with her beast like pet attacked me several times and of those times, she's taken half of my face, as well as my limb for trophy and in the state I was in, no work could progress, so I, quite literally, single handedly reconstructed a new arm, and then with both of my forelimbs in working condition, I reconstructed the rest of my head. Rather nicely done job if I do say so myself. Oh, listen to me talk about myself, oh where are my manners? I am world renowned Mad Scientist, Professor Boomkensteen, at your service, well as your caretaker most likely. I voluntarily requested that I be brought to this island,'s not important right now, what is important is that I fix your wounds."
"No Professor, I need some answers please. I want to know what happened to the rest of the passengers from my yacht. Was anyone else rescued? What was that creature that shot me? What type of weapon was it that it shot me with?" I asked so many questions, that they seemed to overlap each other; even I didn't know what I was saying.
"What you need to know is to not be an insolent pup and keep your damn mouth shut!" said Boomkensteen, but this time not sounding like himself. He sounded like a half man half machine, as if though a computerized voice was speaking as well as his human voice. Then he gave me this weird injection with a purple glowing substance. "Sleep, you'll know more if you're in a cooperative state, and don't worry this will only make you go into a coma like state as far as you're concerned ."